7 Best Floating Button Plugins for WordPress

floating button plugins for wordpress

Floating buttons in WordPress are more than just aesthetic enhancers. They provide quick access to essential features, ensuring users enjoy a seamless experience. Selecting the perfect plugin can be a challenge given the abundance of options. Let’s delve into the features of the top 7 floating button plugins for WordPress.

1. Floating Button by PluginBits

At the forefront is the Floating Button by PluginBits:

  • Customization: Design flexibility is abundant with a plethora of icon options, color selections, and overall aesthetic decisions.
  • Device Responsive: Its adaptability ensures a smooth, unified look across devices, be it mobile or desktop.
  • Multiple Actions: A remarkable feature allowing users to have multiple functionalities within a single button.
  • Smooth Integration: Works harmoniously with a multitude of third-party plugins, reducing compatibility issues.
  • Ease of Use: Its user-friendly interface ensures a quick setup, making it suitable for both beginners and experts.

2. Floating Awesome Button

Living up to its name, this plugin offers:

  • Versatile Designs: Choose between several aesthetically pleasing button designs suitable for diverse website themes.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Its responsive design ensures compatibility across varying screen sizes.
  • Interactive Animations: Introduce subtle animations for a dynamic user experience.
  • Easy Positioning: Place the button anywhere on the screen with its drag-and-drop functionality.

3. Buttonizer

A multifunctional button plugin:

  • Time Schedule Feature: Set specific display times for your button, ensuring users see it at the most strategic times.
  • Action-Centric: Allows for quick setups of action features such as ‘Call Now’ or ‘Chat’.
  • A/B Testing: Test different buttons to determine which one drives more engagement.
  • Page-Level Targeting: Display different buttons for different pages, optimizing user interactions.

4. Simple Floating Menu

This plugin offers a clean, minimalist approach:

  • Easy Customization: Intuitive options for personalizing button appearance.
  • Optimized Performance: Lightweight, ensuring it doesn’t slow down your site.
  • Multilingual Support: Supports various languages for global websites.
  • Button Grouping: Cluster multiple buttons together for a more organized look.

5. Float Menu

An adaptable menu solution:

  • Adaptable Designs: Pre-made designs available to fit various website themes.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Beginner-friendly controls and settings.
  • Hover Effects: Add interactive hover effects to enhance the user experience.
  • Visibility Control: Control where and when your floating menu appears.

6. WP Floating Menu

A comprehensive menu solution:

  • Multiple Menu Templates: Offers a range of design templates to cater to varied aesthetics.
  • Page-wise Configuration: Tailor menus according to specific page needs.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensures smooth functionality across devices.
  • Shortcode Integration: Easily integrate with other plugins or themes using shortcodes.

Perfect for direct access to crucial links:

  • Customizable Display: Extensive control over link display styles.
  • Smooth User Experience: Optimized for seamless interaction, reducing user friction.
  • Link Grouping: Organize multiple links under one floating button.
  • Icon Integration: Use custom icons for each link, enhancing visual appeal.

Bonus: Side Menu Lite

This bonus mention is worth noting:

  • Customization Freedom: Extensive icon, color, and display style options.
  • Mobile Adaptability: Ensures a consistent look and functionality across devices.
  • Expandable Menus: Create nested menus for better organization.
  • Opacity Control: Control the transparency of your side menu for a refined look.


Floating buttons significantly enhance WordPress sites’ user engagement. Whether you’re inclined towards the extensive features of PluginBits’ Floating Button or the simplicity of the Simple Floating Menu, these plugins promise to elevate your website’s user experience.

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